Bull's Universum Pro Softtip Board Black/White


Softtip Bulls Dartbord

Kleur: Wit

Uitsluitend online verkocht en verzonden door Zwibo B.V.

Onze diensten:

  • Geselecteerd door Decathlon
  • Enkel levering aan huis
  • Retour gedurende 30 dagen


Electronic Softtip dartboard made by Bull's will be delivered with 2 sets softtip darts and 30 tips. Universum softtip boards have regular sized doubles and triples conform steeltip standard. The Pro board has 4 player LED's for a maximum of 8 players total. This board has 40 different pre-programmed games available to play. Moren than 760 different game options available. The Universum boards are available in 2 color options; Black/White and Red/Blue. The Universum Pro has also a cheaper "little brother" which is: Universum Intro. This board is made for Softtip Darts!Dimensions: 46x61x4,5 cm.
bulls universum pro electronic soft tip dartboard - 68005 68006

Technische informatie

  • Sportief niveau Alle niveaus
  • Staat Nieuw