Persoonlijke elektronische weegschaal Digitaal gehard glas Hoge precisie


Deze weegschaal helpt je om je lichaamsgewicht nauwkeurig te meten en heeft een automatisch uitschakelsysteem. Hij heeft een elegant en discreet ontwerp en kan in elke toiletruimte worden geplaatst.

Kleur: WIT

Uitsluitend online verkocht en verzonden door Grupo R. Queraltó SA

Onze diensten:

  • Geselecteerd door Decathlon
  • Gratis levering aan huis
  • Retour gedurende 30 dagen


Mobiclinic digital bathroom scale is perfect for measuring the body weight of any member of your family. It has a 73 x 34 mm LCD screen where the user's body mass will be displayed in large numbers, which makes it perfect for the elderly or those with vision problems.

This weight scale has measures of 30 x 30 x 1.75 cm and it weights 1.5 kg so you can transport it from one place to another very easily. In addition, thanks to its size, you can also store it in any corner of the toilet or under a cabinet or shelf.

Mobiclinic digital balance has automatic function of on and off, which makes it an efficient and low consumption device.

Finally, it has an overload warning, so that the user can make a correct use of the product, and a low battery indicator. Furthermore, this weighing product works with a battery, so you do not have to worry about charging the battery every so often.

Technical characteristics:

  • Measures: 30 x 30 x 1.75 cm

  • Weight: 1.5 kg

  • White color

  • LCD screen size: 73 x 34 mm

  • Material: 6 mm tempered safety glass + ABS

  • Maximum capacity: 180 kg

  • Scale: 100 g / 0.2 lb

  • Power supply: CR2032 battery

Technische informatie

  • Breedte (in cm) 32,5 cm
  • Hoogte (in cm) 31,7 cm
  • LENGTE (in cm) 2,8 cm
  • Staat Nieuw